Re: [Frameworks] Moving to San Francisco

From: Jim Flannery <>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 12:11:13 -0700

Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 11:29:40 AM, one wrote:

> That it is. There are many things I miss about SF, the cost of living
> is not one. Most people I know down there live in Oakland or other
> more affordable East Bay locations.

Yes, thirded. When I came here in the mid-70s it was a comfortable place
for small mammals like we -- fond memories of my $250/month 2-bedroom in
Cole Valley. Ah well. Imagination enhancers were cheaper then too.

The thing that's made a real negative impact in the last 10 years, in
terms of both making work and community-building, is the loss of the
production wing of FAF (and the more industry-centric focus of what's
left of it under the SFIFF aegis). Maybe that's been compensated for by
people buying decommissioned flatbeds or working in digital, but the
bulletin boards and talking to people on breaks during long overnight
shifts were part of what made it feel like a community.

FAF grant and sponsorship programs do still exist via SFIFF.

Aaron's "stuck in the 60s" remarks are, it would seem, unfortunate
artifacts of only deciding to pay attention during a season that marked
both SFC's 50th anniversary and the release of Radical Light, which
prompted an unusually valedictory approach. Pity if you missed the
dozen+ hours of new work at the Crossroads festival. Maybe next year.

  Best regards,
  Jim Flannery
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