Re: [Frameworks] Millennium Film Workshop Members Meeting Sunday October 16, 7:00pm

From: Chuck Kleinhans <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 18:18:12 -0700

Although I'm on the West Coast, I too wonder what is going on. Is there some reason for being so restricted in getting info out?

Jay did send out an announcement on Sept 14, and a report that there was a meeting on Sept 21, but there's hardly any substance to it. I realize that in dealing with a crisis situation, there may not be time to detail everything, but could a few people who do go to the meeting(s) provide some kind of a report about what's going on aferwards? I think that there is interest across North America, for sure, about this landmark institution.

Though I have to also wonder if we could end up with Too Much Information....I remember Canyon having some kind of highly disputed members meeting(in the early 90s, I think) that was videotaped, and and you could actually buy a copy of the tape (which a friend did) was something like a 6 hour meeting with all the full blown attitudinizing that only powerless (all male as I remember) artists and intellectuals can perform so colorfully....

Chuck Kleinhans

On Oct 12, 2011, at 1:22 PM, Jay Hudson wrote:

> Dear Robert,
> The notice is just functional to get the members meeting going. If
> you have questions please call me at millennium 212 673 0090 or stop
> by this evening. I have tried to be as informative as possible, but I
> am sorry if I have not been as clear about the situation.
> Best,
> Jay
> On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 1:16 PM, Robert Haller
> <> wrote:
>> Dear Jay,
>> I am a long time friend of Millennium, am puzzled by what is going on. If
>> there is a problem, why has it not been described in your e-mails? Where
>> does Howard fit into all of this? You speak of "the survival of Millennium"
>> but I wonder in what sense. What happened at the last meeting that was
>> "quite a success"? Why is there so much mystery here? -- Robert Haller
>> On 10/12/11 12:34 AM, "Jay Hudson" <> wrote:
>>> Dear All:
>> This is a reminder that there is a members meeting Sunday,
>>> October
>> 16th at 7:00pm at the Millennium Film Workshop, 66 E 4th
>>> between
>> Bowery and 2nd Avenue. Doors open at 5:00 for those who wish
>>> to
>> register as members. This meeting is crucial to the survival of
>>> the
>> Millennium Film Workshop, an essential institution for the New York
>> film
>>> community. It is extremely important that everyone who is
>> concerned about its
>>> continuance attend this meeting.
>> The focus of the meeting will be to elect a
>>> board of directors and an
>> executive director. After that, there will be a
>>> discussion on the
>> current issues surrounding the Millennium. The meeting is
>>> open to the
>> public.
>> Please get the word out to everyone you know. If we have
>>> a successful
>> attendance, the Millennium will not only survive, but revive
>>> and
>> flourish. The last public meeting was quite a success. I wish to
>>> see
>> this members meeting build on this accomplishment.
>> Please contact me at
>>> this address with any questions and comments. I
>> can't wait to see you
>>> there!
>> Best,
>> Jay Hudson
>> Members Meeting
>> Millennium Film Workshop
>> 66 E 4th,
>>> between 2nd and Bowery
>> 7:00pm
>> Door open
>>> 5:00pm
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