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Well said, Brook. I have had such high expectations of San Francisco
that it's probably my fault if I'm disappointed. However, I have
lived in other cities, and it's my experience that both LA and
Chicago have better art scenes than San Francisco.


At 8/30/2011, you wrote:
>Chris Kennedy's observations pretty much reflect my own experience here.
>There are varying degrees of open-ness to new ideas in San
>Francisco. ATA and Other Cinema are fantastic and accessible. SF
>Cinematheque is still going. Smaller venues are popping up or
>continuing and expanding which is good.
>But San Francisco won't hand you anything. And frankly, there is a
>ceiling here for any type of creative endeavor. In the end, this is
>a city of consumers more than a city of producers - but its such a
>small city that this doesn't always translate to great opportunities
>for producers of non-mainstream work. The primary audience for
>moving image art here is other moving image artists. Same with other
>underground or non-mainstream forms. It also helps to be somewhat
>extroverted and comfortable being part of a defined "scene" - those
>of us who stay and don't fit those models do keep working in our
>hermetic ways, but often focus outside of the city.
>The cost of living is high and it's a real challenge for any artist.
>You can create a scene here. You can have an influence on existing
>scenes. I hope you do if you come here! But it's neither Portland
>nor New York, to cite what to me to represent two vital poles of the
>creative opportunity spectrum in the US.
> Brook Hinton
>On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 5:08 AM, tooth hinckley jr
><<>> wrote:
>"There is also a new venue in west Oakland called "Black Hole" which
>(I believe) promotes itself primarily via Facebook. Best just to go
>there (Facebook that is, assuming if you are part of the Facebook
>hive mind) and search for them"
>thanks for the mention, but i use facebook as tool, like any other,
>however i would hesitate to identify myself or the theatre with any
>"hive mind mentality" such as that. I always have said if you don't
>learn how to use a tool you become one. sorry if i seem defensive,
>these are my ramblings of a recovering "luddite" perhaps, and once
>again, honestly though, i'm assuming you meant no ill will and thanks
>our primary source of "promoting ourselves" would probably be
>through extensive word of mouth and flyering. which we did before
>our "web presence" and will continue to do throughout and in
>collaboration with various online pathways.
>we are indeed new, and just getting on our feet as a regular public venue.
>we also have a blog for announcements which is
>I am also at work on a regular print publication as an extension of
>the microcinema as well.
>we have free tuesday screenings and project both digital and
>celluloid (usually 16mm). we are working on starting to have monthly
>group showings and are also beginning to host paying gigs for the
>work of touring films and filmmakers
>if you would like to get in touch or learn more about the place
>email me at <>
>or stop by the warehouse (or send a letter!) at 1038 24th street/
>Oakland, CA/94607
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