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From: Adam Hyman <>
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2011 00:29:23 -0600

Also, Shirley Clarke made dance films on video (using early video effects)
in the early 1970s when teaching at UCLA. I think the only way to access
those if through Wendy Clarke.

Also, there are multiple dance film festivals around the world. In Los
Angeles, there is Dance Camera West each June. They include probably 20-40
films each year from around the world (shorts and features), and some number
of them (probably at least 5 a year) are reasonably interesting as
experimental films as well. So there is ongoing new dance films ­ not much
of a crossover in viewing audiences, it seems to me, between the dance film
world (attended mostly by dance fans) and the experimental film world. But
it wouldnąt be a total waste of your time to contact some programmers from
dance film festivals (Lynette Kessler at Dance Camera West for one) and ask
for suggestions.

On 9/1/11 6:10 PM, "Dennis Doros" <> wrote:

> There are thousands of them going back to Loie Fuller and the many, many
> copycats from before 1900. However, there are several favorites including Ed
> Emswiller and Alwin Nikolais collaborations (with Gladys Bailin and others as
> dancers), Thomas Bouchard's work with Doris Humphrey, the original B&W version
> of Matha Graham's Lamentation from the 1930s (my apologies for not remembering
> the filmmaker, but it's my alltime favorite), Shirley Clarke's first short
> films, and many in the 1960s by Twyla Tharp, Meredith Monk, and Yvonne Rainer.
> One could call Norman McLaren's BEGONE DULL CARE and especially NEIGHBOURS as
> choreographed dances on film.
>  I'm said to say, my expertise ends around 1980 but the Dance Film Association
> would be the best place to go along with checking out the Film Society of
> Lincoln Center's Dance on Film series they program with the DFA and Joanna
> Ney.
> There's also the DFA's DANCE FILM AND VIDEO GUIDE, Judy Mitoma's ENVISIONING
> DANCE ON FILM AND VIDEO and the first one of its kind that's still excellent,
> John Mueller's guide to dance on film.

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