[Frameworks] The 15th Annual "Views" at the New York Film Festival Oct 7-10, 2011

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The 15th Annual "Views" at the New York Film Festival  >>October 7th - October 10th, 2011  >>PROGRAM GUIDE >> >>The 15th Annual "Views" at the New York Film Festival will offer an expanded program of 24 different shows across four full days on two screens at the Walter Reade Theater and The Francesca Beale Theater both on 65th Street at Lincoln Center. This year there will be 104 new works by some 80 artists, 34 who are appearing in Views for the first time. Also showing are 11 different works presented dally in installation cycles or loops on the 152 inch plasma screen in a dedicated amphitheater next to the Francesa Beale Theater. >> >> >>for more information and links to specific programs and titles go to:http://www.filmlinc.com/nyff2011/pages/views-from-the-avant-garde/ >> >> >>Views from the Avant-Garde >>Curated by Mark McElhatten and Gavin Smith. >> >> >>PROGRAMS: >>THE SOUL AND THE STEM >>Friday October 7 | 12:30pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 99m >>Sunday October 9 | 12:00pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 99m >>Señora con Flores / Woman with Flowers >>Chick Strand, U.S./Mexico, 1995/2011, 15m >>(preservation print from the Academy Film Archives) >>Jan Villa  >>Natasha Mendonca, India/U.S., 2010, 20m >>The Sole of the Foot  >>Robert Fenz, U.S/Germany, 2011, 34m >>Correspondence >>Robert Fenz, U.S./Germany, 2011, 30m >>BEN RIVERS >>Friday October 7 | 3:15pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 66m >>Sack Barrow  >>U.K., 2011, 21m >>Slow Action  >>U.K., 2010, 45m >>BITCHES BREW >>Friday October 7 | 5:45pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 107m >>Monday October 10 | 8:45pm | Francesca Beal Theater | 107m >>Posthaste Perennial Pattern >>Jodie Mack, U.S., 2010, 3m 38s >>Babobilicons >>Daina Krumins, U.S., 1982, 16m >>(35mm preservation by the Academy Film Archive) >>You Are Now Running On Reserve Battery Power >>Jessie Stead, U.S., 2011, 11m >>Hull >>Tara Merenda Nelson, U.S., 2011, 7m 32s >>from Jhana and the Rats of James Olds: >>           The Phone Call     >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 1m >>           Billy and the Magician >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 3m 18s >>           Little Kitten  >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 42s >>           Level of Zero Buoyancy  >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 4m 53s >>           Romance Novels  >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 1m 4s >>A Party Record Packed with Sex and Sadness  >>Bobby Abate, U.S., 2011, 10m 11s >>Praxis 8 – 12 Scenes >>Dietmar Brehm, Austria, 2010, 25m >>Taste Test >>Andrew Lampert, U.S., 2011, 2m 30s >>Bitch-Beauty >>MM Serra, U.S., 2011, 7m >>LADDERS AND TRACKS >>Friday October 7 | 8:45pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 104m >>Sunday October 9 | 5:30pm | Walter Reade Theater | 104m >>Berlin Tracks 18h00-20h00  >>Shiloh Cinquemani, U.S./Germany, 2011, 2m 7s >>(k)now (t)here  >>Hey–Yeun Jang, U.S., 2011, 8m 50s >>Subway >>Angela Ferraiolo, U.S., 2011, 7m 40s >>Village, silenced >>Deborah Stratman, U.S., 2011, 4m 56s >>Snakes and Ladders >>Katherin McInnis, U.S., 2011, 3m >>Longhorn Tremolo >>Scott Stark, U.S., 2010, 16m >>Landfill 16 >>Jennifer Reeves, U.S., 2011, 8m 52s >>Barren >>Katherin McInnis, U.S., 2010, 2m >>Back View >>Vincent Grenier, U.S., 2011, 17m >>The Toy Sun  >>Ken Kobland, U.S., 2011, 33m >>UPENDING >>Friday October 7 | 1:00pm | Walter Reade Theater | 65m >>OpenEndedGroup, U.S., 2011, 65m (digital 3-D) >> >>SEEKING THE MONKEY KING >>Friday October 7 | 3:30pm | Walter Reade Theater >>Monday October 10 | 1:45pm | Walter Reade Theater >>Ken Jacobs, U.S., 2011, 40m >>ERNIE GEHR >>Friday October 7 | 5:30pm | Walter Reade Theater | 88m >>Crystal Palace  >>U.S., 2002-11, 28m >>Thank You For Visiting  >>U.S., 2010, 12m >>Mist  >>U.S., 2010, 9m >>ABRACADABRA  >>U.S., 2009, 39m >>GEORGE KUCHAR >>Friday October 7 | 8:30pm | Walter Reade Theater | 87m >>Saturday October 8 | 9:45pm | Walter Reade Theater | 87m >>Lingo of the Lost >>U.S., 2010, 37m 45s >>Empire of Evil >>U.S., 2011, 50m >> >>CABINET OF CURIOSITIES >>Saturday October 8 | 11:15am | Francesca Beale Theater | 82m >>Monday October 10 | 11:00 am | Francesca Beale Theater | 82m >>Between Gold >>Jonathan Schwartz, U.S., 2011, 10m 42s >>Tin Pressed >>Dani Leventhal, U.S., 2011, 6m 23s >>Fifteen an Hour  >>Kevin Jerome Everson, U.S., 2011, 6m >>Tableaux Vivants >>Vincent Grenier, U.S., 2011, 10m 20s >>Curious Light  >>Charlotte Pryce, U.S., 2011, 4m 12s >>Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances  >>Samantha Rebello, U.K., 2010, 22m >>The Matter Propounded, of its Possibility or Impossibility, treated in four Parts >>David Gatten, U.S., 2011, 13m >>from Jhana and the Rats of James Olds: >>           Miniatures        >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 2m >>           Degas >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 58s >>           The Eclipse  >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 33s >>ransom notes  >>Kelly Egan, Canada, 2011, 4m >>Conjuror’s Box   >>Kerry Laitala, U.S., 2011, 4m >>LOOKING THROUGH A GLASS ONION >>Saturday October 8 | 1:45pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 86m >>Monday October 10 | 3:45pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 86m >>Passage Upon the Plume >>Fern Silva, U.S., 2011, 6m 46s >>Shayne’s Rectangle    >>Dani Leventhal, U.S., 2011, 5m 4s >>Line Describing Your Mom >>Michael Robinson, U.S., 2011, 5m 50s >>Gossip >>Bobby Abate, U.S., 2011, 8m 19s >>from Jhana and the Rats of James Olds: >>           Tatum’s Ghost >>           Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2011, 3m 45s >>The Death of the Gorilla >>Peter Mays, U.S., 1966, 16m (new restoration by the Academy Film Archive) >>By foot-candle light  >>Mary Helena Clark, U.S., 2011, 9m >>A Lax Riddle Unit >>Laida Lertxundi, Spain, 2011, 6m >>Sounding Glass  >>Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany, 2011, 7m >>The Evil Eyes  >>Bobby Abate, U.S., 2010, 18m >>VOLUPTUOUS SLEEP >>Saturday October 8 | 4:15pm | Francesca Beale Theater >>Betzy Bromberg, U.S., 2011, 95m >>JEROME HILER & NATHANIEL DORSKY >>Saturday October 8 | 7:15pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 54m >>Sunday October 9 | 2:45pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 54m >>Words of Mercury  >>Jerome Hiler, U.S., 2011, 25m >>The Return  >>Nathaniel Dorsky, U.S., 2011, 27m >>JOHN ZORN: A FILM IN 15 SCENES >>Saturday October 8 | 9:30pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 97m >>Sunday October 9 | 6:00pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 97m >>15 scenes: 254 shots >>Gobolux, U.S., 2011, 15m >>Well Then There Now  >>Lewis Klahr, U.S., 2011, 19m 30s >>Bare Room >>Joey Izzo, U.S., 2011, 31m 33s >>arcana >>Henry Hills, U.S./Austria, 2011, 33m >>JEAN-MARIE STRAUB >>Saturday October 8 | 11:00am | Walter Reade Theater | 66m >>Monday October 10 | 11:30am | Walter Reade Theater | 66m >>Lothringen! >>co-directed with Danièle Huillet >>France, 1994, 20m >>Un héritier >>France/South Korea, 2011, 20m >>L’Inconsolable >>France, 2011, 15m >>Schakale und Araber >>Switzerland, 2011, 11m >>STUDIES FOR THE DECAY OF THE WEST >>Saturday October 8 | 1:15pm | Walter Reade Theater >>Klaus Wyborny, Germany, 2010, 80m >>DANIEL EISENBERG: THE UNSTABLE OBJECT >>Saturday October 8 | 4:00pm | Walter Reade Theater | 83m >>Less and Less / Toujours moins >>Luc Moullet, France, 2010, 14m >>The Unstable Object  >>U.S./Germany/Turkey, 2011, 69m >>KEVIN JEROME EVERSON >>Saturday October 8 | 6:45pm | Walter Reade Theater | 82m >>Quality Control     >>U.S., 2011, 70m 42s >>The Prichard  >>U.S., 2011, 11m 18s >>THE RED AND THE BLACK >>Sunday October 9 | 8:15pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 86m >>River Rites >>Ben Russell, U.S./Suriname, 2011, 11m 30s >>Shadow, Seed, Spagyric    >>David Baker, U.S., 2011, 5m 12s >>Peril of the Antilles   >>Fern Silva, U.S., 2011, 5.51m >>A Preface to Red >>Jonathan Schwartz, U.S./Turkey, 2010, 6m >>Protocol >>Lina Rodriguez, Canada/Colombia, 2011, 1m 15s >>Imperceptihole >>Lori Felker & Robert Todd, U.S., 2011, 14m 37s >>LIGHT LICKS: BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON: I WANT TO PAINT IT BLACK >>Saul Levine, U.S., 2011, 12m >>Third Law: N Kedzie Blvd.  >>Mike Gibisser, U.S., 2011, 7m 10s >>Slow Burn >>Jesse Cain, U.S., 2011, 19m 46s >>VIRGIN SPRINGS >>Sunday October 9 | 1:00pm | Walter Reade Theater | 86m >>Monday October 10 | 5:00pm | Walter Reade Theater | 86m >>Baptismal Sticks and Stones  >>April Simmons, U.S., 2011, 6m 50s >>Devil's Gate >>Laura Kraning,  U.S., 2011, 20m >>Twice Removed >>Leslie Thornton, U.S., 2011, 9m   >>Ricky  >>Janie Geiser, U.S., 2011, 11m >>Silent Springs   >>Erin Espelie, U.S., 2011, 12m 57s >>Gazette  >>Eléonore de Montesquiou, Russia/Estonia, 2009, 4m 12s >>Kudzu Vine >>Josh Gibson, U.S., 2011, 19.52m >>THE PETTIFOGGER >>Sunday October 9 | 3:30pm | Walter Reade Theater >>Monday October 10 | 3:00pm | Walter Reade Theater >>Lewis Klahr, U.S., 2011, 65m >>TWENTY CIGARETTES >>Sunday October 9 | 9:00pm | Walter Reade Theater >>James Benning, U.S., 2011, 99m >>AURAND/MUÑOZ/SAMI >>Monday October 10 | 1:30pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 76m >>Villatalla >>Jeannette Muñoz, Switzerland/Chile/Italy, 2011, 21m 59s >>A Year / Ein Jahr >>Renate Sami, Germany, 2011, 12m >>Young Pines / Junge Kiefern >>Ute Aurand, Germany/Japan, 2011, 43m >>PAUL CLIPSON SUPER 8 PERFORMANCE >>Monday October 10 | 6:30pm | Francesca Beale Theater | 70m >>Chorus  >>U.S., 2009/2011, 8 min (featuring live musical performance) >>Compound Eyes Nos. 1-5 >>U.S., 2011, 27min (soundtrack by Jefre Cantu-Ledemsa) >>Light from the Mesa  >>U.S., 2010, 7m (soundtrack by Barn Owl) >>Chorus  >>U.S., 2009/2011, 8m (16mm version with soundtrack by Gregg Kowalsky) >>Morphologies  >>U.S., 2011, 20m (featuring live musical performance) >>TWO YEARS AT SEA >>Monday October 10 | 7:30pm | Walter Reade Theater >>Ben Rivers, U.K., 2011, 86m >> >>ELINOR BUNIN MUNROE AMPHITHEATER >>Throughout the four days of Views from the Avant-Garde, we will be exhibiting installation work on the Film Center’s state of the art digital screen. These programs are free of charge. >>11:30am - 1:00pm >>Picture Taking >>Ernie Gehr, U.S., 2011, 9m >>1:00pm - 1:30pm >>Sheep Torso >>Leslie Thornton, U.S., 2011, 12m >>Armoire >>Vincent Grenier, U.S., 2007-2011, 9m >>By Pain and Rhyme and Arabesques of Foraging >>David Gatten, U.S., 2011, 6m >>1:30pm - 2:00pm >>Tree Vortex Loop >>Leighton Pierce, U.S., 2011, 5m   >>2:30pm - 3:00pm >>Peeper Palace >>Dani Leventhal U.S., 2011, 5m >>3:00pm - 3:30pm >>Soft Palate >>Martin Arnold, Austria, 2010, 3m 10 sec. >>3:30pm - 4:40pm >>Traders Leaving the Exchange, a Guard and the Street >>Les Leveque, U.S., 2011, 36m >>4:40pm - 5:10pm >>Night House Vortex >>Leighton Pierce, 2011, 3m >>5:10pm - 6:21pm >>John Krieg Exiting the Falk Corporation in 1971 >>James Benning, U.S, 2011, 71m >>6:25pm - 6:55pm >>Self Control >>Martin Arnold, Austria, 2011, 2m >>7.00pm - 7:55pm >>Picture Taking >>Ernie Gehr, U.S., 2011, 9m >>7:55pm - 8:15pm >>Sheep Torso >>Leslie Thornton, U.S., 2011, 12m >>Armoire >>Vincent Grenier, U.S., 2007-2011, 9m >>By Pain and Rhyme and Arabesques of Foraging >>David Gatten, U.S., 2011, 6m >>8:15pm - 11:00pm >>Inferno Towering The >>Anne McGuire, U.S., 2011, 165m

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