Re: [Frameworks] Pedal Powered Phenakistoscope

From: Tony Conrad <>
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 12:59:54 -0400

No guarantees, but I'd try using rope and pulleys. Drive a pulley with the chain,
and then use stacked clothesline pulleys to change direction. Of course rope
slips...but that may actually help, by "clutching" the system. You figure out how
to join the ends of the rope(s)!


On Fri 10/07/11 10:41 AM , Kevin Timmins sent:
> Hi all, I'm after some good advice regarding a piece of work I'm
> re-making for a show early next year. Here is the original:
> or a video here:
> I need to make a variation of the device that is not projector
> dependent. Imagine the phenakistoscope disc positioned in front of the
> viewer at a 90 degree angle so the viewers back isn't turned on the
> disc. The expunging of the projector is to simply make the work more
> compact and accessible so it can be exhibited more frequently at
> smaller galleries.
> Now the disc itself is turned by a simple bicycle drive system. I
> want to stick to the bike drive but need to find a reliable system
> that will allow me to turn the disc at a 90 degree angle to the
> cranks. Any devices or ideas that I can use to achieve this cheaply
> are very much welcomed!
> ThanksKevin

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