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dear ingo--

not sure if anyone responded to this yet--

this compilation was screened twice in the past year. once at anthology and another time in karlsruhe, germany (karlsruhe kinematek). the tape that was shown at anthology was shown courtesy the groninger museum in the netherlands. the heizer film coyote (which was part of the original compilation broadcast in 1969) has disappeared since the original broadcast.

in karlsruhe, more research was done on getting a better screening copy, from which some of the information below emerges.

the zkm has a restored file of the compilation in their archive-- i think that with an appointment it can potentially be previewed on site.

there is also the original broadcaster of the films, which is now run by RBB berlin, which can also be contacted regarding the rights. it is unclear what exactly exists in the RBB archive.

you maybe already know these films were included in a traveling show called "ready to shoot" from about 7-8 (!) years ago about the life and work of gerry schum. i happened to catch this great show in paris. it included a comprehensive publication and was organized in close collaboration with his collaborator and partner ursula wevers. the book also provides some background on the status of the heizer contribution.

in terms of where this compilation is showing now--

there is a current exhibition in berlin at the hamburger bahnhof museum, which includes a digitized version of the tape (or other source). it's being shown digitally on a monitor in the gallery. maybe an email to the curatorial department could determine what the actual source material is for their copy. this exhibition also includes reproductions of the original announcement cards for the schum exhibition and broadcast. it is on view until january 2012.

you may want to check and see if this compilation will make it into the upcoming land art exhibition “ends of the earth: art of the land to 1974” opening in april 2012 at moca, la.

i have listed some relevant links below.

best wishes,


ends of the earth:

land art in berlin:

anthology program notes:

other links on ready to shoot:

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> Anybody on the list aware of any source for this piece of "video art"?
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> Ingo

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