[Frameworks] Presenting a native ultraPan8 projector.

From: Nicholas Kovats <nkovats_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 23:27:25 -0400

A very big thanks to Douglas Palmer in the UK in unearthing an actual
native declassified UK Ministry of Defense ultraPan8 projector!

UltraPan8 is a new native ultrawide film format with an aspect ratio
of 2.8:1 that happens to be wider than Cinemascope. UP8 utilizes is a
hybrid of Bolex H8 + H16 cameras, i.e. http://vimeo.com/27905787

When Douglas first contacted me I could not believe the following
plate inscription in his attached photos, i.e "Use 16mm film
perforated for 8mm pulldown only". Which begs the question where is
the associated UltraPan8 camera? He purchased it at a Min of Defense
auction a few years ago thinking it was a regular 16mm projector.

Here are the specs as per Douglas's email, i.e.

"It's a LW Photo Data Analyzer, Model 224A Mk.4. Made in California.
 It is 240 volts and has old style pre-focus lamp from 300w to 1000w.
 Speeds 1-12 fps. and 24 fps. 2 inch lens. The light output is cut
down a lot by the built-in heat filter so really should be removed.
(It's really used for single frame projection mainly.)"

I will be arranging shipment to Jean-Louis Seguin for some slight
modification work. The present gate is slightly too high and somewhat
not wide enough. Douglas has also provided the following videos
detailing some aspects of this UP8 projector, i.e.

1. 24FPs projected on grid paper to illustrate projector frameline and

2. The projector exterior.

3. Stepped speed mode.

Check out Douglas's blog at http://filmisfine.co/. He is currently
working on or with Ultra16mm cameras.
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