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I hope that you donšt mind but I thought that I would share this with

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Subject: Update - Lawrence Brose case in the press

Dear Friends and Supporters of Lawrence Brose,

We want to share with everyone a very important article on Lawrence Brose
by Doug Ireland which was just published in Gay City News. Doug Ireland
is the Contributing Editor for International Affairs of Gay City News, the
largest LGBT weekly newspaper in New York City and in the U.S. He also
has written for the Voice, the Nation, and numerous publications in the US
and in Europe. We are confident that you will feel encouraged by the
force of this article and will want to share it with everyone in your
circle who cares about civil liberties, freedom from unjust accusations,
unjust laws and Lawrence's case in particular.

It is important to share the word about Lawrence's case for people to be
aware of the issues, but by sharing this article, it increases the
possibility of financial support for Lawrence, which is extremely
important. We cannot stress enough the need for helping Lawrence pay for
the legal costs of his attorneys and forensic experts. They clearly are
working in Lawrence's best interest and Lawrence is grateful to have this
stellar legal team on his side.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to
contact us.

Here is the link to the article:

We also encourage everyone to visit
http://www.lawrencebroselegaldefensefund.com/ because it is updated with
new links and information from time to time. And, by the way, the
November 18 Mix NYC Film Festival screening of Lawrence's film De
Profundis was a great success with a very thoughtful and informative panel
discussion following. We look forward to more opportunities to share the
word on Lawrence's case as well as his brilliant work.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund Team

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