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Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 15:53:09 -0800

Subject line was in error - the screening night is next Saturday.

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 3:51 PM, Brook Hinton <> wrote:

> apparently the "submit" button for listings on Hi-Beam isn't working, so
> here's the complete show listing. apologies if it was posted already:
> December 2 - December 17
> Smokey's Tangle, 4709 Telegraph, Oakland CA
> Opening: Friday December 2, 7PM
> Screening/Presentation: Saturday, December 10, 8PM
> Window and Room installations viewable from outside the gallery each
> evening.
> The video apparitions in Brook Hinton's Amorphous States hail from a
> parallel universe where time is unmoored.
> Old home movies reassert their deceased subjects as ghosts, familiar
> landscapes breathe and shift as if they are mortal beings, and human
> figures try unsuccessfully to complete simple tasks in the face of
> colliding pasts and futures. Through dislocation of expected cinematic
> markers of time and space, Amorphous States places the viewer in a parallel
> video universe where time is amplified, expanded, and comprehended as an
> object.
> Hinton will present work in person at the show’s opening on Friday,
> December 2 and on Saturday December 10. Additional installations will be
> exhibited both in and through the gallery’s windows every evening during
> the show’s December 2 – December 17 run.
> About Brook Hinton
> “Moving Image and Sound Maker” Brook Hinton has been ducking in and out of
> various bay area and international arts subcultures for almost two decades.
> His performances were a fixture in the bay area's noise music scene during
> the 1980s; since the mid-90s he has primarily used film and video as tools
> to explore aspects of human experience that are hidden or obscured by
> perception and time. He has also worked extensively as a composer, editor,
> sound designer and teacher, and currently serves as Associate Professor and
> Assistant Chair of Film at California College of the Arts.

Brook Hinton
Moving Image and Sound Maker
Associate Professor / Assistant Chair
Film Program at CCA
California College of the Arts

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