[Frameworks] BROOK HINTON: AMORPHOUS STATES Dec 2-17, Screening Dec 9

From: Brook Hinton <bhinton_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 15:51:00 -0800

apparently the "submit" button for listings on Hi-Beam isn't working, so
here's the complete show listing. apologies if it was posted already:

December 2 - December 17
Smokey's Tangle, 4709 Telegraph, Oakland CA

Opening: Friday December 2, 7PM
Screening/Presentation: Saturday, December 10, 8PM
Window and Room installations viewable from outside the gallery each

The video apparitions in Brook Hinton's Amorphous States hail from a
parallel universe where time is unmoored.

Old home movies reassert their deceased subjects as ghosts, familiar
landscapes breathe and shift as if they are mortal beings, and human
figures try unsuccessfully to complete simple tasks in the face of
colliding pasts and futures. Through dislocation of expected cinematic
markers of time and space, Amorphous States places the viewer in a parallel
video universe where time is amplified, expanded, and comprehended as an

Hinton will present work in person at the show’s opening on Friday,
December 2 and on Saturday December 10. Additional installations will be
exhibited both in and through the gallery’s windows every evening during
the show’s December 2 – December 17 run.

About Brook Hinton

“Moving Image and Sound Maker” Brook Hinton has been ducking in and out of
various bay area and international arts subcultures for almost two decades.
His performances were a fixture in the bay area's noise music scene during
the 1980s; since the mid-90s he has primarily used film and video as tools
to explore aspects of human experience that are hidden or obscured by
perception and time. He has also worked extensively as a composer, editor,
sound designer and teacher, and currently serves as Associate Professor and
Assistant Chair of Film at California College of the Arts.

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