Re: [Frameworks] Analog and digital [was: Quo Vadis Celluloid?]

From: Francisco Torres <>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 14:44:58 -0400

The problem about calling film analog is that film is not an electronic
process. The Analog/Digial dichotomy being used to differintiate/compare two
electronis proccesess.
Film is a photochemical/mechanical process.
As far as I know. before the advent of digital imaging in the 1980s film (or
photography itself)was never called analog.

Anyone here read *The Cinematic Apparatus* (1980)? It is a collection of
articles presented at an academic conference in the late 80s that deals with
some of the aspects that make film unique among imaging technologies. Worth
the trouble of finding a copy a the time spent reading it.

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