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From: Amanda Christie <>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 21:15:04 -0300

I made a colour separation dance film back in 2006 called 3part
Harmony: Composition in RGB #1.
There has already been a discussion on this list about it once when
someone was asking about the optical printing techniques that I used.
A preview of the film can be seen on the lightcone website :
In addition to Lightcone in Paris, this film is also distributed by
the CFMDC in Canada

While working on my MFA a lot of my studies centred around dance and
film... the relationship between the body on screen and the projected
image in live performance as well as the relationship between the
analog machine and the human body and how physical interaction with
post-industrial machines excites sensory memories. My thesis project
paper can be found as a PDF online...
...hrmmm... I just read that the author apparently put restrictions on
the PDF so it can't be copied or printed... I don't remember doing
that, but I must have... I don't remember why. If anyone is
interested in a copy of it, just give me a shout. ... wait... i just
tested it... and I was able to download the full 104 page pdf.... so
it should be accessible if you want it. if you want it and have
trouble downloading it from SFU, then just drop me a line off list.

here is the abstract of the text... the full pdf is 104 pages
including 7 pages of sources at the end (bibliography and works
consulted) which might be of interest to anyone studying dance and film:

Sensuous machines: embodied mechanics of cinematic performances


This essay will chart a geography of machines, bodies, and memories
that is broad and far-reaching. The reader will travel through this
terrain along a single winding path, via the tracks of film machines
and dance machines (human bodies), taking extra time to pause,
breathe, and reflect where the two intersect. A description of
sensuous geographies as mediated through engagement with anachronistic
machines (such as trains and film equipment) will prepare the reader
for a journey in which the human body becomes implicated and
integrated with the mechanical body. The impact of the machine on the
body of the operator leaves traces that trigger memories; the human
body itself becomes a machine in performance that excites memories in
both the performer and the viewer. Our journey ends with the ephemeral
and fleeting nature of these machines and media that are preserved in
the transparence of our senses and memories.

Amanda Dawn Christie

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