Re: [Frameworks] 16 and/or Super 8 viewers?

From: Buck Bito <>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 14:36:02 -0700 (PDT)

It seems like I have tried almost all of them...
For Super-8 my favorite is the Braun SB-1 editor.
The brilliance of Braun's design are 3 'extra' rollers
- One which allows you to rewind from the middle of the reel without
pulling the film out of the gate, but with the film pulled away from the
follow-sprocket. The other two are under the lamp house to facilitate
rewinding unloaded film. All of the aluminum rollers are either shouldered
or dished to help protect the 'active' area of your film.

For 16mm, the Maier-Hancock MH-1000
(wow, I can't even find a link for that one - didn't realize how rare it is)
A Zeiss Moviscop will be just as gentle, but it has smaller screen and the
plastic (bakelite?) gate is prone to crack with age.

We've had the Braun and MH editors available for customer use for over 8
years and they have required little maintenance beyond weekly cleaning and
monthly lubrication. We used to use a rare 8mm Moviscop for regular-8 but
while it is probably the best R8 viewer around, it is for enthusiasts and
not viable in a moderately bright retail environment for use by
first-timers. We now offer an Elmo 912 dual for clients with regular-8.

More easily attainable Super-8 editors that might require a little more
attention/care during use would be the Elmo editors like the 912 R8/S8:
or the Goko G2002 and others:

10 years ago when I first got into small gauge film I fell in love with
the Minette editors because I thought it was so much more 'professional'
to have a proper gate with a pressure plate, but I soon learned how easily
such an arrangement can scratch film or hang on a nasty splice.

- Good Luck!
---Buck Bito

On Wed, October 5, 2011 12:22 pm, Ekrem Serdar wrote:
> Hey framers,
> I've been generally warned off of them due to scratching! ah!
> scratching!,
> but considering getting a viewer or two for 16 and Super 8. Any
> recommended
> models to keep my eyes peeled for?
> --
> ekrem serdar
> austin, tx
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