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From: Amanda Christie <>
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 09:12:54 -0300

Barbara Sternberg's TRANSITIONS
1982, 16mm, 11:30

Transitions” is a film of inner life and speaks of time, reality,
power. It depicts the disquieting sensations of being between -
between falling asleep and being awake, between here and there,
between being and non-being. These metaphysical themes are evoked by
the central image of a woman in white over which layers of images and
sound (voices) are superimposed.

available from the cfmdc:

i have seen the film several times and it is an absolutely incredible
film! one of my favourites. lots of optical printing... images of a
woman tossing and turning in tangled sheets on a bed, sitting on the
edge, smoking a cigarette, other images as well, repetitive
superimpositions and the sound track is filled with layers of whispers
some of which emerge more than others... i seem to recall the
recurring phrase "i can't go to sleep" or something like that.... it
is such an evocative and powerful film, especially for anyone who has
ever spent a night laying half awake, half asleep.


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