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From: Jerry Tartaglia <jerry501_at_pipeline.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2011 08:51:45 -0400

Dear Frameworks, Filmmakers, and interested people,

Several requests for information about the Millennium meeting have been posted with vague or no response. Below is the announcement of the meeting that was sent by Jay Hudson. Please note that to date, no agenda has been put forth.

I do not attest to the truth or falsehood of any of the statements in this announcement.

Five weeks ago I resigned as Facilitator of the Board of Directors of Millennium. My attempt to bring all parties involved in the dispute to a point of compromise for the sake of this organization that served the experimental film community for so many decades, failed.

Egotism, recalcitrance, self-justification, blaming others, exclusionary behaviors, and ignorance have brought about this situation.

I hope that those who are present at the meeting try to rekindle the sense of Community and mutual respect that existed for so many years at Millennium. I hope that each person focuses on their own strengths and shortcomings and honors and respects their colleagues. I hope that the dictatorial tendencies that I observed in the last three months do not portend what is to come. I hope that a true openness to change prevails.

The Millennium Film Workshop remains a part of my filmmaking and my personal story, and as it moves into another phase of its life, I wish it and all of those who guide it, the highest good.

Jerry Tartaglia
"We will cover the world with our underground movies" (Jonas Mekas)

Dear Member,

On September 18, 2011, Howard Guttenplan, Board President of the Millennium called a special members meeting for October 16th, 2011.
The purpose of this meeting will be (i) to elect members to comprise the board of directors and executive director and (ii) to further discuss the current situation at the Millennium.? The meeting will start at 7:00pm and will be held at the Millennium Film Workshop at 66 E 4th between Bowery and 2nd Avenue.

In order to conduct business, we will need to have a quorum of active (currently registered) members present at the meeting. According to the bylaws, there has to be at least 50% attendance of the active members at the meeting in order to constitute a quorum.? Within that group of active members only those who fulfill certain conditions are eligible to vote.

The three conditions are:
You are both a current paid-up card-holding member AND:

(i) have had an additional membership in the past two (2) years.

According to the bylaws a membership has a length of six (6) months. Since the Millennium is closed in August, the month of August does not count towards the six months for facility members, ie a six (6) month membership purchased in July would not expire until the same day in February of the next year instead of January.

For contributing members, the month of August is considered as part of the membership.? Contributing members are those who have donated twenty dollars or more to the Millennium.? Unlike facilities members, contributing members do not receive a membership number.

So if you were an active member at any time between October 16, 2009 and March 16, 2011 for facility members or April 16, 2011 for contributing members, you would be eligible to vote if your membership is current.

(ii) are a current or recent staff member.? The terms "recent" and "staff" are not defined in the bylaws.? I feel that five (5) years would be a reasonable to be considered current or recent.? As for staff, I think that anyone who has performed a defined role, whether paid or unpaid would be considered reasonable, ie monitors, the
directors, teachers, hired consultants, interns, regular volunteers, etc.? The precision of these definitions shall be worked out before the meeting is held.

(iii) have registered for three (3) workshops in the past six months.
This does not apply to anyone as we do not have enough workshops to make this possible.

No proxy voting is available according to the bylaws.? You must be physically present in order to vote and/or count towards a quorum.

Memberships that are $20 are valid for six (6) months and $30 or more are valid for one (1) year.? You will need to bring in your membership card and show it in order to be considered present.? If you do not have a card currently, please contact me at this email.

You can stop by anytime the Millennium is open (M,T,W, F 7:00pm to 10:30pm, or Sat. 1:00pm to 5:00pm) and get a replacement.? It is also possible to stop by during regular business hours, but it is recommended that you call ahead first.? Additionally, I will open up the doors two (2) hours before the meeting at 5pm.? At this time, we will be able to register and make replacement cards for members.

It is very important that we reach a quorum.? The Millennium needs to settle questions of its governance so that we can move forward.? The meeting is open to the public.

Anyone who signs up for membership before the meeting will be able to count towards the quorum if they attend the meeting.? Those who attend the meeting and register membership will count towards a quorum.

While these newly registered members will not be eligible to vote
until the next meeting/election, by attending and by adding to the quorum, they will be helping to ensure that the meeting can proceed.

Forthcoming will be an email considering the agenda of the meeting.? I will post my draft agenda and want to hear what others feel should be discussed.

Please contact me with any questions. The bylaws are attached for your review.

Jay Hudson
Director of Workshops and Facilities
Millennium Film Workshop

Members Meeting
Sunday, October 16, 2011
7pm (early registration starts at 5pm)
Millennium Film Workshop
66 E 4th, between Bowery and 2nd.

Please share this email with interested colleagues and friends.

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