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re Fuji Neopan: I assume it would be way more expensive than Kodaks offering which is why they probably don't bother.

I assume Fred is right and that Kodak will file for Chapter 11 protection assuming the patent sale doesn't go thru. To be honest it might be a good thing in a way, as selling the patents seems a bit like selling the family silver. I get the impression the guy running the place is just trying to stretch things out as long as he can so he can keep getting paid which is not a great business strategy for the future.



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I asked the fuji rep in new york and he said that it wouldn't be profitable enough in the US for fuji to bother... unless Kodak went under...The more pressure we put on them, the more demand they will perceive. There is still a pretty good demand for black and white film. Perhaps fuji will change it's tune's definitely better than sitting around and whining about kodak's demise. 


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  Neopan is not currently available in the US.... Don't know why this has ever
  been a question for Fuji?


I've repeatedly asked the Fuji people in Hollywood about this, and they
just giggle and change the subject and tell me that Fuji has other great
film stocks.
It must be that yes means no thing. And like it's none of our damned
business. So to hell with them.

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