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From: Jorge Lorenzo Flores Garza <>
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 01:52:14 +0000

Well, yes, of course, reading Mark Toscano's reply, there are all those films made at night. I saw one by Takashi Ito called GHOST. It was made in a dormitory in the company where he worked. And he wrote that he was sleeping like two hours a day because of shooting long exposures frame by frame. I highly recomend his work. SPACEY is very interesting. It uses animation techniques with photographs of a huge gym, but it seems like it was shot in the same painstaking conditions...I'm sure he didn't sleep much.

And let's not forget Jeanne Liotta's OBSERVANDO EL CIELO. I am one of the unfortunate one that hasn't seen it, but the clips look really good and I am sure she didn't get much sleep while doing it.


Jorge Lorenzo

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> INSOMNIA by Fred Worden
> Different sizes of hole-punches in black leader. I think Fred made this during insomnia-driven late nights, but not sure. His scratch film BOULEVARD may also be relevant. And perhaps EVERYDAY BAD DREAM.
> 999 BOY by Chris Langdon
> 10 minutes of 400-speed b/w footage driving in the desert at night, only headlights illuminating the landscape - the night merging with and emerging out of the grain field that makes up the film's dominant imagery.
> VENICE PIER by Gary Beydler
> HAULING TOTO BIG by Robert Nelson
> Covers dream states, documented reality transformed as folklore, hypnosis, landscape wanderings, many other things...
> Many by Lewis Klahr or Janie Geiser (like THE FOURTH WATCH) Actually, Lewis's GOVINDA would be great. Late night softporn, a found student film, and a super 8 wedding.
> Shot off of late-night TV, multiple passes in-camera with different color filters. Amazing stuff, you can see images at my blog, if you want
> IN PROGRESS by JJ Murphy and Norman Bloom
> Simple and beautiful landscape studies shot over months from a fixed camera view.
> Much of Richard Myers' body of work is richly about dreams, sleep, searchings, wanderings...
> Perhaps NOCTURNE and WHAT'S OUT TONIGHT IS LOST by Phil Solomon
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> > Hey. im programming my month's schedule called "i can't
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