[Frameworks] Compact Video Projectors

From: Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez <solisland_at_atlanticbb.net>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 19:49:16 -0400

hello frameworkers:

I am about to present a touring installation piece that requires the use of about 4-5 compact video projectors installed in different cafés, including my first venue which is an outdoor café where we will be projecting the images through the windows of the adjacent building. The goal is to throw smallish (maybe 10") images onto varying surfaces, with enough brightness to hold up against ambient light. What is the cheapest type of projector that I can use that will have sufficient brightness and throw? I need something small that i can travel with. i've been looking at the battery operated pocket projectors in the $200-$300 USD range, but am wondering if there are any on the market that also use an electric power supply as a backup, since I need to leave the installation up for several weeks. Anybody have any recommendations? My budget is about $1500 and I am in the U.S.

enjoy today...

Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez
Multimedia Artist

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