[Frameworks] Flick Harrison screening at Digital Art Weeks, Victoria

From: Flick Harrison <flick_at_flickharrison.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 16:22:19 -0700

Hey listies,

I'm screening a program of short films at Digital Art Weeks in Victoria, BC this weekend, Sunday and Monday nights (Oct 30 + 31), at the Ministry of Casual Living. Including a couple of new works (see below).

A glance at the program suggests an awesome conference... Liz Solo's performance on Saturday night should be amazing as well.

Come one, come all.


Portrait In Season, Flick Harrison
Flick Harrison is a media artist-educator whose creative vectors intersect with theatre, dance, video, and interactive design, focusing on the boundary between propaganda and confusion, conflict and peace, the way that certainties crumble while chaos coalesces into focus. His films span the world from China to Mexico to Pakistan and back to Vancouver, revealing a perpendicular dimension of psychedelic polemic, futurist history, and anti-social studies. RIP-DOA is a meditation on 3D television and the Na'vi that takes James Cameron's medium and smashes it into his message. War Torn Man is a new music video for Rodney Decroo, about Decroo's father's battles with post-traumatic stress after Vietnam. In Flirt, from a 1921 futurist script, a live-action Venos de Cnidos struggles to keep her respectability inside the bell jar. Beijing Bike Less looks at the fall of the bicycle in status-conscious China as development and economics push cars and freeways forward.

"The films of Flick Harrison promise to provoke a range of reactions, from simple disgust to something as noble as social enlightenment." - Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun

Boyz Nite Out (remix) 2007 (HDV, 2.5 min., with Canned Hamm)

War Torn Man 2011 (XDCAM, 5 min., With Rodney DeCroo)

There is No Dog 1921 / 2007 (3gp, 1 min., futurist script for Bella Luna Theatre)

Sex Drugs Love Marx (excerpt) 2003 (DV, 3 min., With Peter Grier, Jeff Flieler)

Heavy Metal Suicide Bomber 2002 (V, 2.5 min., With Catherine Falkner)

Untitled #1 2010 (HDV, 5 min. With the Tomorrow Collective)

Flirt 1921 / 2009 (Betamax, 1 min., With Catherine Falkner, futurist script for Bella Luna Theatre)

Beijing Bike Less 2012 (AVCHD, 3 min., For Theatre Conspiracy)

Passionflake 2009 (HDV, 5 min., The Strange Magic)

This is not a war 1998 (DV, 5 min., made in Pakistan)

Map of a Restless Northwest 2001 (DV, 6 min., With CBC-120seconds.com)

Small Tuxedo Blowjob Adventure 2001 (DV, 6 min., w Rodney Decroo, Catherine Falkner, Jen Cressey & Stephen Moron)

Sex Drugs Love Marx (excerpt) 2003 (DV, 4 min., With Rebecca Harker, Shelley MacDonald)

RIP-DOA 2012 (AVCHD, 5, Avatar de-digitized!)

* FLICK's WEBSITE & BLOG: http://www.flickharrison.com 

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