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I'd just like to chime in that even though the University of Southern
California is mostly known for George Lucas and other Hollywood superpowers,
there are other departments outside live-action production that have pretty
strong emphases on alternative expressions in moving image art forms.

The Critial Studies department has David James, Akira Lippit, Marsha Kinder
and Michael Renov. All are extremely important for their knowledge of
cinema outside of Hollywood.

The Animation Department (where I received my MFA) has Christine Panushka,
Kathy Smith, Lisa Mann and many other professors that are known for
experimental or artistic forms of animation.

The Interactive Media Department has individuals such as Scott Fischer,
Perry Hoberman and many others, again, that are very well known in the art
or experimental cinema world.

And, not too many people realize this but, it's also where Kenneth Anger,
Gregory Markopolus and Curtis Harrington studied (but I don't think any of
those three really reference USC as a place where they were encouraged to

Still there is a lot of overlooked brilliance because it is dwarfed by
students hoping to be the next big Hollywood director.


On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 4:46 PM, Amanda Christie <> wrote:

> i think a lot has to do with who you work with as advisors as well as
> the school.
> i did my MFA at simon fraser university school for the contemporary
> arts (vancouver, BC), because it has an interdisciplinary program
> where you are all combined... film, dance, visual arts, music,
> theatre, etc.
> Laura Marks was my senior supervisor, Chris Welsby (film) and Rob
> Kitsos (dance) were my other two advisors.
> It was an absolutely fantastic experience.
> it's a studio based MFA, but with a lot of theory, reading, and
> writing as well. seminar classes that incorporate all disciplines,
> and an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration. the classes are
> very small, and you'll be mixed with choreographers, playwrights,
> composers, filmmakers, etc... and it is a very rigorous but rewarding
> program.
> an absolutely incredible experience!
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> > hello Frameworkers-
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> > I am researching MFA and post-graduate programs focused on
> > experimental (or non-traditional) cinema. I am aware of the
> > perennial programs at places such as Chicago Art Inst, Cal-Arts and
> > such, but I am particularly interested in newer and/or 'under the
> > radar' programs focusing on cinema studies outside the Hollywood
> > tradition. The experimental documentary program at Duke is a
> > perfect example.
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> > Thanks!
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