Re: [Frameworks] Looking for a sound barney for an Eclair ACL

From: David Tetzlaff <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 23:37:33 -0400

I think you're going to be in DIY land there. An ACL shouldn't be that loud to begin with.. It's not like you're trying to muffle a Beaulieu. Google is your friend. Below are two posts from I found in a quick search.

I'd guess the down jacket is your best bet. Winter temps in Berlin don't seem low enough that down coats would be common items for average folks (as they are in, say, Minnesota), but I'd guess they'd be available in outdoors sporting goods shops, for climbers and skiers and so on. Perhaps they have children's sizes that would make a more convenient Barney? The construction might matter - what the outer shell is made of, how thick the down is, whether it's really down or some mixture of down and feathers. If you found a store with a good selection, you could take the camera in and try out different ones...

> You can make your own barney using fiberglass insulation between lead foil sheets. Compress the insulation between the lead sheets and cover in canvas (or even better, a goose-down winter jacket--the lens pokes through the sleeve). This would be the raw material to enshroud your camera and would reduce the noise considerably.
> The more minute capillaries there are between the noise of the camera and the exterior of the studio, the more the sound will be dampened. Sound emitted from the camera bounces around a million ways trying to get through this tiny forest of hairs. The dissipation of the sound waves is what reduces the noise level, so the more capillaries/fibers/hairs there are, the better. Experiments were done in Berlin in the 40s with two rabbit skins placed furry-side in over a camera, and apparently this worked wonders. The fiberglass acts like a lot of capillaries/fibers/hair much like the rabbit fur, and of course lead foil (the type used in alarm systems) helps to block out the remaining sound. I think this could make quite a difference for you.

> Contact American Micro Industries in Chambersburg PA, 800-558-2058. You want a product called Ultimate Barrier. It has foil on one side, then rubber, then thick foam, it'a about an inch thick at least. Easy to work with, you can cut it with scissors, and easily glue the foil side to any thing.
> Basically you can encase the camera with it and just have the lens poking out. Your system with the Tobin motor will be LOUD, sorry to say. I had a similar motor for the Arri II.
> For the lens you can get a clamp on matt box for $200.00 from and slide in an optical sound glass. I have a 7mm one and it blocks a lot of the noise that will come out the front of the camera via the lens.
> Failing all this, here's some thing that works well, a down filled parka. Wrap it around the camera and clamp the front. I have a heavy arctic version and it's amazing how well it works to kill camera noise. I tried sound blankets and they where useless, down is very dense and makes a good sound barrier.
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