[Frameworks] TOMORROW (6/30): MisALT Screening Series Presents - Mental Hopscotch

From: T. Siddle <tsiddle_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 15:36:36 -0700

The MisALT Screening Series Presents:
"Mental Hopscotch: (Mis)Adventures in Psychiatry and Mental Illness"

"Crooked Beauty" By Ken Paul Rosenthal
- A poetic documentary chronicling the life of Artist-Activist and
Icarus Project Co-Founder Jacks McNamara and her journey from
childhood abuse victim, to psych ward patient, to pioneering mental
health advocate.

"Fwd: Update on My Life" By Nicky Tavares
- A hybrid live-action and animated documentary detailing the humorous
and tragic life story of Dr. Deanie French, a pioneer of
computer-mediated communication research and internet-based learning
who decides one day to take a vacation from her prescription of mood
stabilizers and the adventures and mishaps that follow.

"Not Too Much Remember" By Tony Gault
- "The CIA and the LSD they gave Richard: 'NTMR' deconstructs the
mighty power of narratives and their pervasive effect on the formation
of consciousness."

"Picture #4" By Tony Gault
- "A proliferation of psychiatric narratives and the mysterious
implications of personality testing."

"Dead People" By Roger Deutsch
- A portrait of Frank Butler, an eccentric and frequently drunk
inhabitant of an economically depressed small town who shares his
stories of the crazy and the dead.

"Mario Makes a Movie" By Roger Deutsch
- A portrait of a man with developmental disabilities blending
Deutsch's personal accounts as his former teacher with those of his
family members, including archival footage and material generated by
the subject himself.

Curated by Tessa Siddle

Thursday 6/30/11
At Workspace Ltd.
2150 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
$5-10 Suggested Donation
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