[Frameworks] MON. 5.9, Encore Screening of Alice in Wonderland, plus premiere of 2 short works by James Fotopoulos in Brooklyn, NY

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We've just added an encore screening of James Fotopoulos "Alice in
Wonderland" for Monday Night, 7PM.
James is driving up from Philadelphia for the show and bringing 2
never-before-seen shorts.

5.6.11 Review of ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Amy Taubin:

MONDAY 5.9, 7PM, artist in person, followed by Q&A
Encore Screening of "Alice in Wonderland' by James Fotopoulos
plus, the premieres of 2 short works "Tape 1" and "Go Back and Watch It"
Admission $6

Alice in Wonderland
2010, high-definition video, 99min, color, sound stereo, from 245 drawings

MICROSCOPE Gallery is very pleased to present a second screening of James
Fotopoulos’ new feature length film, an adaptation of the 1886 musical
”Alice in Wonderland: A Dream Play for Children” by Henry Saville Clark and
Walter Slaughter. Fotopoulos’ Alice in Wonderland, inspired by a 2003 Lewis
Carroll daguerreotype exhibit, propels the Clark/Slaughter musical score
into the 21st century digital age. Sculptures, drawings, text, and original
music are used to explore the late 19th century’s evolution of painting,
literature, and theatre into early photography and moving pictures.

The piece probes the interplay of art and science and in exploring these
ideas certain lives and themes are touched upon – the relationship between
John Ruskin and Lewis Carroll, Ruskin’s theories on drawing, Thomas Eakins’
painting and his use of photography, the burgeoning of early cinema with
Eadweard Muybridge and Étienne-Jules Marey, the notions of the amateurism
and professionalism in art and the archetype of the condemned artist. The
work is presented in two acts remaining faithful to the musical’s original
construction based upon Carroll’s narratives.

The feature will be proceeded by 2 previously unseen shorts.

Go Back & Watch It
2007, video, 6 min 30 seconds

Tom Thrill tries to relive the greatest moment of his life. This short was
initiated by Thrill’s discovery that he possessed 20-year-old video footage
of the greatest day of his life, which was taped by his Catholic Pastor/
father figure.

Tape 1
2007, video, 11 min, 49 seconds

 A woman is haunted by: the ghost of her vanishing twin, the inner life of
actor “X” and the suicide of Robert FitzRoy. Many stylistic elements of this
2007 short would later reappear in the 2010 feature Alice in Wonderland.

James Fotopoulos is a boldly unique filmmaker who makes dark, cerebral and
often impenetrable works. Ed Halter, film critic and former director of the
New York Underground Film Festival in an 2002 article “Horror, Violence,
Sociopathic Loners: The Films of James Fotopoulos Play Downtown” in the New
York Press described Fotopoulos as “the most important new director I’ve
seen in many years.” Since then, the prolific Fotopoulos has made hundreds
of films and videos, expanding from dialogue and narrative forms to more
abstract works, such as Alice, featuring his drawings and other artworks.

His film and video work has been shown internationally at many festivals and
sites including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the New York
Underground Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Walker Art
Center, the Andy Warhol Museum, the 2005 Whitney Biennial among others. With
Grove Press founder Barney Rosset, he created an experimental video
biography on Rosset and an adaptation of an unpublished screenplay by Eugène
Ionesco, of which the latter premiered at the New York Museum of Modern Art.
He has also had a retrospective of his work at Anthology Film Archives and
published many books of drawings. He currently resides in Philadelphia,

more info: www.microscopegallery.com

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