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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 14:32:58 -0700

"Of course I know about PhotoShop's proprietary format, and others that
other programs create, such as cpt. This is why I save final files as

Fred- the issue isn't necessarily being able to open Quicktime files, but
the actual work/project file. Sure, with FCX I can open the final exported
quicktime files of projects i have made in the past, and i can also open
raw, unedited quicktime files, but I won't be able to do is open an existing
project and do any kind of work or re-editting with it. if you want to
remix the audio, update credits, or tweak the editing you won't be able to.
your stuck with what you have, or you basically have to start from scratch.
This can be significant as formats themselves change- something i have
started doing recently is going back and re-transferring original 16mm
footage to HD, and then replacing the old standard resolution transfer.
that is relatively simple when i can open the old project files (some of
which date back ten years to the earliest versions of final cut) but without
that option I would essentially have to start from scratch and re-edit the
entire movie. If this isn't addressed it will be a major hindrance to the
future archiving and updating of countless films.

I have found this whole FCPX thing very frustrating. I have credited Apple
and the original Final Cut/FireWire/G3 as being one of the most important
developments in independent cinema in the past 15 years, and i believe the
artists and filmmakers and designers who embraced Apple are a huge reason as
to why they have become such a successful company. But now they seem to be
more interested in making phones and selling/controlling digital content
than making good computers and software and have truly graduated into the
ranks of greedy corporations.


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