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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 22:00:35 +0100

However rigid or determining a medium may be, interesting work can always be made with it. It's a question of understanding a medium's characteristic and limitations, and turning them into strengths. That's why, eg, great work can be made in Super 8 just as much as it can be in 16mm or 35mm. Same goes for video formats, software etc,

Having said that, pencils are perhaps the least restricting artistic tools yet invented, and none of the problems attendant upon video formats, codecs etc apply to them,

Nicky Hamlyn.


On 29 Jun 2011, at 21:32, graeme hogg wrote:

> Nevertheless film stock is a propietry interest. If you use film you are determined to some extent by the industrial concerns of that business.
> ie Kodak discontinuing certain stock is like software movements foregoing their backwards compatibility duties. Until we are the producers we are the users, content aside. Open source movement offers many lofty ideals yet to be truly stable enough to compete with commercial drive and as for
> film, well when all Kodaks operation is handed over to a co-operative run by artists then I'll consider the analogy over.
>> in other words, you can't really draw an analogy between film
>> companies and computer software producers.
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