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From: Brook Hinton <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 20:06:44 -0700

I think Facebook is a terrible venue for a discussion forum.

But I agree 100% with Matt M.

There is one other thing:
I assume we would all like the subject matter of the list, the making of the
things that are the subject matter of this list, and the list itself to
remain vital and relevant. Working in a format or venue that makes sense to
people much younger than most of us, and certainly, say, to film students
and young experimental makers, is therefore important.

Email, alas, is as relevant and exciting to my students as landlines. An
email-based discussion forum probably feels to them kind of like having an
extended, substantive panel discussion on a telephone "party line" would to
me. They facebook, they chat, they text, they participate in online forums,
many blog, but for most email is strictly an "if I have to" intrusion.

A discussion forum that can be extended for reading and responding to in
other venues (maybe even facebook, and still including email) but has its
home as a nicely laid out, navigable-within-a-web-page interface such as the
forums on Urban Honking is certainly worth exploring, though carefully.

Brook Hinton
Moving Image and Sound Maker

Associate Professor / Assistant Chair
Film Program at CCA
California College of the Arts

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