[Frameworks] Tonight! MisALT Screening Series Presents: Pornography and its Discontents

From: T. Siddle <tsiddle_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 07:44:05 -0700

The MisALT Screening Series is pleased to announce the line-up for our
July 28th Screening: “Pornography and its Discontents.” We are excited
to be bringing together a an international and eclectic collection of
experimental films and videos question the power dynamics of visual
representation of sexualized bodies and propose new possibilities for
the portrayal of sex, pleasure and power.

Mature Content – Viewer Discretion is Advised

Neil Ira Needleman – Prelude & Erotiloop
The Prelude: An “in tact” piece of found footage: a solicitation to
join a porn distributor’s frequent buyers program.
The ErotiLoop: Dense, slowly dissolving layers of wiggly-squiggly
scrambled image porn movies.

Charles Chadwick – Transubstantiation
An esoteric reworking of the rituals and metaphors of transubstantiation.

Scott Stark – NOEMA
NOEMA is philosopher Husserl’s term for “the meaning of an object that
is formed in the domain of consciousness.” Pornographic videos are
mined for the unerotic moments between moments, when the actors are
engaging in an awkward change of position or when the camera pans
meaningfully away from the urgent mechanisms of sex to a cheap
painting on the wall or the distant embers of a cracking fire. A
piercing musical score loops endlessly throughout, and the repetitive
and curious iterations of movement become furtive searches for meaning
within their own blandness.

Scott Stark – Speechless
3D photographs of human vulvae are animated and interwoven with
surfaces and textures from natural and human-made environments. The
genital images were taken from a set of ViwMaster 3D reels that
accompanied a textbook entitled The Clitoris, published in 1976 by two
medical professionals.

Anja Dornieden & Juan David Gonzalez Monroy – Awe Shocks
An instructional film detailing the manufacture process of a whole
new consumer product, as well as its many uses, applications, and
Internet pornography shot through a Kaleidoscopic lens on 16mm film
edited together with sound from an instructional children’s film
explaining the logic of capitalist enterprise.

Mauri Lehtonen – Hollywood Mutant Gang Bang
Hundreds of horribly deformed mutants crawl out of the sewers of Los
Angeles to attack Hollywood’s rich and famous. Old porn footage has
been treated with scratching and permanent markers. Soundtrack
consists of distant moanings of pleasure, accompanied by “electronic
gang bang music.”

Scott Andrews – Neráides Fall of the Subterrestrial Hive
In 'Neráides, Fall of the Subterrestrial Hive’, a fay fantasy world
unravels. A cinematic narrative is revealed where boys play with
ponies while frolicking limp wristed and glitter skinned through the
forest and an alien drag queen commands an army of flying penis

Micheline Durocher – Electric Garden
Skirting voyeurism, Electric Garden is constructed upon one mirrored
continuous pan of the edges and outlines of the female body and
elicits the idea of the well established erotic theme in art, the
reclining nude.

Micheline Durocher – doppelganger
Inspired by the autobiography of Goethe, Doppelgänger conveys the
uncanny feeling of being confronted with your double as a fleeting
residual image left on the atmosphere of a place such as an old film.
It pursues culture’s persistent association of new electronic media
with paranormal phenomena, technical obsolescence with nostalgia,
anxiety and the erotic.”

Clint Enns – Debbie Does Ascii
Debbie Does Ascii(an ascii pr0n from a 1981 BBS) is an ascii
animation of a scene from Jim Clark's famous 1978 pornography Debbie
Does Dallas. These images, like most pornographic images, are
abstracted versions of human sexuality.

Lana Z Caplan – Love Poems
Love Poems were made as a long distance offering, full of longing,
and sent by email. Each one of the three differs in emotion, from the
seductress to the hesitant. The footage is from 1940’s 16mm found footage,
originally marketed “for art students”, as nudity on film was illegal
at the time.

Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain – DESK 13
Part of an ongoing creative partnership between sound/performance
artist Vicky Langan and experimental filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain,
DESK 13 is an experimental film built around a performance by Langan
in which she uses her body to interrogate the messy interface between
inner desires and their public presentation.

At Workspace Ltd.
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San Francisco, CA
$5-10 Suggested Donation
Strictly 18+ With ID
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