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From: Patrick Friel <>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 20:36:01 -0500

Thanks Roger B and David T (and off list suggestors).

Several of your suggestions will find their way in! (Assuming the class

If anyone else has additional ideas/suggestions - especially for readings -
please let me know on or off list. Original inquiry is at bottom.


On 7/30/11 5:43 PM, "Beebe,Roger W" <> wrote:

> The Artavazd Peleshian interview in A Critical Cinema touches on his theory of
> "distance montage," which is elaborated in more detail in a handout that was
> distributed at the Flaherty back in 1999 when he was a guest. (I might have a
> copy in my files in Florida but I'm far far from there now. My memory is that
> it was a translation that had been done specifically for the Flaherty.)
> Then there's also Kubelka's Metric Cinema, which you can find discussed in his
> A Critical Cinema interview too, I think, as well as 100 other places (online
> lectures, etc., etc.).
> Paul Willemen has an essay on Amos Gitai's editing (that first appeared in
> Screen, I think) that I remember being impressed by when I read it in grad
> school, but I have to confess to having little memory of it now.
> First things that came to mind...
> Roger
> On Jul 30, 2011, at 3:49 PM, Patrick Friel wrote:
>> Experimental Editing - writings and films
>> Hi All,
>> Iım looking for suggestions of writings on ³experimental editing² (essays,
>> articles, chapters in books, and ­ most especially ­ interviews with
>> filmmakers and/or their own writing on the subject of editing) and also for
>> suggestions of key films that are exemplary of some ³experimental² editing
>> style or handle their editing in remarkable ways.
>> Iım obviously doing my own research, but wanted to reach out to the vast
>> collective wisdom of yıall as well.
>> Suggestions of both can range from Eisenstein to the present and can include
>> actual experimental work or more narrative/documentary work (even commercial)
>> that utilizes experimental tactics in their editing.
>> This is for undergraduates (production majors of various kinds) in a non-art
>> school film/video program, so nothing too esoteric.
>> Filmmakers in mind already include the obvious one such as Eisenstein,
>> Vertov, Brakhage, Sonbert, Conner, Luther Price.
>> Any and all suggestions welcome!
>> Thanks,
>> Patrick Friel
>> Chicago
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