Re: [Frameworks] 16mm/S8 Looping Question

From: Huckleberry Lain <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 10:47:05 -0700

Are you using a looping mechanism to loop 10 or more feet of S8 or are you
just planning on running a single circular loop?

It is very true that S8 is quite unstable and probably won't last the entire
time. I'd also say 16mm could be pretty complex for 30 hours within three
days as well.

However, if you leave the projectors on a timer to turn off automatically
after 10 hours this will kill the bulb. Depending upon how strong the
projector it could easily need up to 10 minutes to cool down. If it doesn't
get time to cool down it could, in the worst case, eventually crack and
explode, best case it would just burn out much faster (and this could be an
expensive replacement - depending upon the projector). I'd say this is
especially the case since the projector will be on for 10 hours straight.
 Who knows, the projector your using could have a bulb that's toward the end
of it's life and therefore more likely to burn out if abused like that.
 Then you'll need to wait a week or so for a replacement (unless they have
one readily available).

I'd say if you use either S8 or 16mm it would be best if you are at least in
close proximity to the gallery that you can replace it relativity quickly.
 Or maybe you Tech guy could do this. I'd get 2 or better 3 prints made -
it is possible that you might only need one, but you'll be very lucky if
that's true. You also might be able to fix any breaks with a splice or two.
 But my experience with Super8 loops (and most S8 problems in general) is
that it's quite a few frames, at least .5' or more, which would render your
loop unusable.

Good luck. I hope that was helpful and you have a good exhibition.

On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 3:47 AM, Diana Arce <> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> A friend of mine and I are exhibiting a work at an exhibition that
> will run about 10 hours a day for three days. We are still trying to
> decide whether to do a blow up to 16mm and run the film on a looper or
> just do a S8 print and hang the film in a loop in the room and run it
> through the projector. One tech guy told us that the S8 would be a lot
> less stable and that we should consider putting the projector on a
> timer so that it wouldn't run all the time. This was not suggested for
> the 16mm variant. Any Frameworkers have experience with this and any
> advice?
> Thanks so much in advance,
> Diana Arce
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