Re: [Frameworks] celluloid etc

From: matt's frameworks address <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 17:30:42 -0700

"I enjoy the performative aspect of film projection. The presence of the
artist-as-operator amongst the audience/in the performance space often leads
to a more social relationship with the audience - the work begins at the
point of screening but continues after the screening in discussion with the
audience, either afterwards or as the artist/operator threads up the next

I agree entirely, but don't think that is limited to just film projection.
at the early Peripheral Produce shows in the mid 90s i would sit in the
middle of the audience with a VHS player popping tapes in and out, and i
think the social elements you describe were fully achieved. (those were
some seriously fun shows!)

but yeah: projector/projectionist in the audience is 100% awesome in my
book. if the projectionist is also the artist than it's double awesome.


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