[Frameworks] Attention Bay Area film community!

From: tooth hinckley jr <blackholecinema_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 21:15:45 -0700

attention bay area film community!! I am getting back to work with a friend
of mine on an old project that never got fully realized before; a monthly
omnibus PRINT calendar of screenings all over the bay area. it will cover
primarily rep houses, avant-garde/experimental/microcinema, small
independent theatres, galleries,etc... but will ultimately work to cover
anything that is not a mainstream or landmark theatre (as they don't need
the help) it will be in a large format (11x17) and will be made with the
intention of being a wall calendar and once we get it going, will issue it
every month. it will include contact information and directions for each
individual place as well and can also function as a type of directory for
people wishing to set up screenings. however this information will only be
printed on a basis of individual permission from each place as we get it.

if you are setting up a film screening and want people to know about even if
it is just on a sheet in your back yard, or if you are a smaller microcinema
who wishes to have a way of getting the word out that is not web based, or
maybe you are a a rep house that we happened to have missed, respond to this
or message me, email me blackholecinema_at_gmail.com and do it soon!

so far the list includes events at or by these following places and

ata/other cinema
black hole
canyon cinema
niles essanay film museum theatre
san francisco cinematheque

also the one off screenings of various larger theatres and galleries yet to
be listed

the list is not at all complete yet, if something is missing from here it is
because either i don't yet know about it, don't have access to information
about events, or am unsure that the event coordinators desire it to be
listed. if something is not on here that you think should be or if you are
involved in one of these places and you wish not to be listed for some
reason, please get ahold of me as this is not printed yet but will be soon.
help round it out if you can.

black hole cinematheque

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