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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 10:10:33 +0100

I am a survivor from the pre Heath and Safety era, who has processed lots of colour reversal (wearing no gloves, glasses or mask) with no ill effects so far. Since all the stages of the colour reversal kits following the re-exposure stage can be done with the lid off, it's safe to assume that it's safe to do it in any kind of open container, I would have thought. You probably don't want to get BLIX on your skin, although even that stuff is fairly innocuous.

 I have found ordinary black and white Stop Bath to be the nastiest stuff to get up your nose!

Nicky Hamlyn.

On 22 Jun 2011, at 01:31, Lyndsay Bloom wrote:

> Hello, hello! I was wondering if anyone knows how safe it is to hand-process color reversal film in open buckets. I have processed the film in photo canisters before, but I want to use open buckets this time, which is how I've processed black and white tri-x. Does anyone know about exposure to color chemicals or if a respirator and gloves is sufficient protection? Thank you, thank you!!
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