[Frameworks] Hand processing B&W neg using Tetanal Ultrafin

From: Stuart Heaney <chamber.of.curiosities_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 18:26:03 +0100


Has anyone ever used Tetanal Ultrafin to hand process their negs?

I want to process about 25-30 feet of exposed 16mm 7222 Double-X, 200ASA. I
usually use Xtol and process 4 mins at 22 degrees C or 3 mins at 25, wash
then fix for the same length of time at same temp, however I've got some
Ultrafin kicking around at home (the xtol is not at home) and wanted to do
at home to save time. The Ultrafin is about a year old.

Can't seem to make sense of any charts I've found online that relate to
Ultrafin as charts all relate to 35mm stills neg stocks and times vary
greatly. Does anyone know whether I could dev using same timings and temp as
the Xtol? I thought I'd try a test with some scrap 200ASA 35mm neg but I'm
unsure whether dev times and temp would vary according to gauge - or do you
just need to ensure you put more of the solution in the tank (eg, 1L rather
than 500ml)? Obviously the xtol will be diluted at a ratio 1+10.

If anyone has any experience of this I'd be grateful of a bit of friendly

Many thanks

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