Re: [Frameworks] Facebook: PLEASE STOP

From: Pip Chodorov <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 11:26:18 +0200

Dear friends,

I started FrameWorks in December 1995 because I was looking around
for a discussion group on experimental film, couldn't find one and
decided to create one.

It took us fifteen years to reach 1000 members - that happened just a
few months ago. Today there are 1077 members on FrameWorks. There are
more posts than ever before. I consider that a measure of success.

Another interesting litmus test is noticing which discussions cause
people to sign off FrameWorks. Five people left the list during the
discussion thread "Facebook". People tend to sign off when there are
many posts in one day with very limited content and many nested
requoted posts attached. Please think of the people in digest mode
and remove all the previous posts within your reply.

So I would say that FrameWorks is doing fine as is, and I will
continue to manage it in the same way. Those interested in a Facebook
group can try that and see how it goes. I personally avoid Facebook
if I can (although an intern for Re:Voir/The Film Gallery did create
a Facebook page for us last summer - I guess it's important to have
one and it's useful to promote events and releases, but there is an
incredibly low signal to noise ratio on that site). So yes, let's
stop the thread and start the experiment.

In general, for me, e-mails come in and automatically get sorted by
Eudora so that all FrameWorks posts end up in the FrameWorks box
where I can interact with them if they get my attention. I won't ever
have the time to go seek out posts on a website. I have personally
archived all 57940 FrameWorks emails on Eudora which has a very quick
and powerful search engine. That archive has become a very good
research tool. If anybody needs a global search done from the
archive, just let me know.

Pip Chodorov, FrameWorks
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