[Frameworks] Damming Fluxus call for submissions

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Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 11:29:21 -0600


M3 presents a fluxish storming of the forts of propriety and luxury swimming pools of bourgeois intellect within experimental cinema. The product, such as it is, will be an exquisite corpse program of eccentric fluxus cinema. Created by Canadian film programmers of madness and dissent - Melanie Wilmink, Melody Jacobson and Murray Smith - this package will be presented to festivals as a full collection of films programmed in a mix of genres, styles and perspectives. A package that defies traditional moids of experimental cinema curation by slighting same-ness, shaming elitism and defying boredom. The films will be viewed by all three programmers, and selected for the package through collaboration and surrealist chance.

M3 will peruse the works. Chance will select a starter. One film will follow the next, each selected by a different M. We will collaboratively fuse a package that is unlike any other, one that flows one film to the other, genre to the genre, experiment after experiment to form a program that binds as a cohesive whole, without scorching the patience and vision of the audience.

Filmmaker honourariums will vary based on which festivals accept the program, and are not guaranteed.
There is NO ENTRY FEE. We have online and hard copy submissions open now until September 30, 2011.

Digital Submissions: Go to: www.dammingfluxus.com - fill out the online entry form and submit a digital copy of your film to our drop box.

Hard Copy: Send a DVD preview copy (NTSC, DVD Region 1 format) and completed submission form. Label the DVD clearly with the title, name of filmmaker, and running time. We cannot return dvd submissions.
Submissions must include (can be sent via hard copy, email, or website database):
Artist Name
Contact information
Film Title
Production Format of Work
Exhibition Format of Work
Running Time
Any special projection instructions
Synopsis (100 250 words)
Artist Statement (100 250 words)

Send submissions by September 30, 2011 to:
Attn: Melanie Wilmink
Bldg J2, 2711 Battleford Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T3E 7L4 Canada

Please note that if accepted, we will use a copy of your film to submit to festival previews. We will make our best efforts to present the works in whatever way the filmmaker prefers.

For more information on this call for submissions, contact Melanie Wilmink at info_at_dammingfluxus.com or 403-205-4747;

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