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From: Beebe,Roger W <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 08:56:40 +0000

This to me is the most damning piece of news I've seen so far (from the NY Times article):

"Complaint: Canít output to tape. Videotape is on the way out ó you would be hard pressed even to find a camcorder that takes tape anymore ó so itís not built into FCP X. This is one of several ways that FCP X is clearly a program designed more for the future than the past.

Answer: You can buy tape-deck control programs like AJA VTR Exchange and Black Magic Media Express. AJA and Black Magic are two major makers of add-on circuit boards for professional video editing. These apps work with their boards."

Even if tapes are "on their way out," I've been in plenty of programming situations where it makes a lot more sense to have a small stack of DV/HD tapes than to drag a laptop. (At a recent show in Berlin, the only way we could cable my laptop to the projector was with a cable stretching up in the middle of the venue, so right in the middle of everyone's sightlines; we had no similar problem with our video connections.)

I worry too that until Blu-Ray burning becomes standard (if ever?) this will mean that many more artists will rely on DVDs as exhibition copies, a practice that I find totally unacceptable (and often disheartening). I know some festivals have converted to file-only presentation, but that seems like the exception rather than the rule still, so not being able to output to tape (without buying additional software) seems like a big problem. It almost reminds me of my first NLE, where I had to buy a separate audio card that almost never stayed in sync with the video card until I'd tweaked and tweaked and tweaked. Whatever happened to Apple's love of plug & play?

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