Re: [Frameworks] processing color print stock with E6

From: Chris Brabant <>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:58:55 -0700

Hey Daniela,

Being that 3393 is a print film and is meant for the ECP process explains
some of the issues your experiencing.

The first developer in E6 uses a CD-4 developing agent while ECP uses CD-2.
These two developing agents are drastically different. Using a CD-4
developing agent will create some serious color distortions (which you might
want) but more importantly will develop a majority of the silver in your
print film which is why reversing it will be a problem. Print film only has
about 1/2 the amount of silver as camera reversal, I might try to reduce my
first developer time to counter that. Also the silver issue may also create
a lower contrast image; reversal film with it's higher concentration of
silver has the ability to be developed further yielding a more evenly
contrasty image.

The deep blue color is most likely a result of using that E-6 first
developer... not sure exactly why but I'll keep thinking.

Have you thought about using C41 chemistry instead?

cj brabant

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