[Frameworks] Call For Entries: Mis ALT Screening Series #1: "Monstrous Bodies"

From: T. Siddle <tsiddle_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:25:16 -0700

The Mis Alt Screening Series is a new monthly venue in San Francisco for
experimental, avant-garde, outsider, and alternative film, video, and new
media work. Beginning at the end of May 2011, we seek to present themed
screenings that bring together artists who exhibit a diverse range of
aesthetics and perspectives around shared creative, philosophical,
political, and formal concerns.


Call For Entries #1: Monstrous Bodies

Deadline: May 11th 2011

The Mis ALT Screening Series is currently seeking submissions for our
inaugural screening titled “Monstrous Bodies.”

>From the moment that it is born the human body finds itself placed in a
nexus of sexuality, gender, race, species-relations, and power. It is the
center of countless cultural anxieties and political conflicts. In the
realms of mythology, fiction, and theory these tensions have manifested in
numerous hybrids, chimeras, cyborgs, and other monstrous forms that blur the
boundaries between human and animal, living and dead, male and female,
organic and synthetic, and individual and collective.

The Mis ALT Screening Series is seeking submissions of film, video, and new
media work that engages with the body and all of the messy politics,
possibilities, and pleasures it contains. We are interested in projects that
investigate how the body is affected by its interactions with itself and
others; in projects that present bodies whose existence and experiences
conflict with cultural expectations and norms; and in work that proposes new
possibilities for the body.

To submit please fill out the submission form

(available at: http://www.othervixen.com/misaltsub.html) and either send it
with a preview DVD, artist statement, and project description to:

Mis ALT Screening Series

c/o Tessa Siddle

738 Andover St.

San Francisco, CA


Or E-mail the submission form, statement, description, and a link to a full
version of the submission with the subject line “Monstrous Bodies
Submission” to:


Tessa Siddle

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