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There is at least one Tex Avery cartoon where we see the film burn in
the gate. I don't recall the title, or even if it was for WB or MGM.
He did at least one where the character runs off the edge of the film,
and we see the sprocket holes. I think that one was with MGM.He also
did the hair in the gate thing, and had at least one where a "member
of the audience" stood up, casting a shadow on the film. Sorry, I'm
too lazy to poke around The Big Cartoon Database ( and
try to come up with titles.

Ken B.

Quoting David Baker <>:

> During the cartoon Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones,
> for a time Daffy is left to prop the film frame up
> with a stick before it collapses in on him entirely.
> The film ends by revealing that a paint brush wielding
> Bugs Bunny as animator (outside the film) has been responsible for all
> of Daffy's
> phantasmagorical predicaments.
> On Apr 18, 2011, at 11:51 AM, Myron Ort wrote:
>> I like this term "film rupture" for self referential manifestations.
>> In a film I am currently working on, a paint brush wielding character
>> paints himself in a context where the brush strokes show up on the
>> film itself.
>> Myron Ort
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