[Frameworks] kodaliths in new york, toronto, or montreal?

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Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:22:54 -0400

Hi Amanda,
So Flexographic was a no-go huh?
You know Sebastjan at Niagara Custom Lab is doing digital to film transfers
now--one of his ideas is to make it easier to make film titles. I haven't
seen the results yet, but it's an option...

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> Hello Frameworkers,
> I'm still on the hunt for actual kodaliths... I'm sure someone must
> still print them in New York, Montreal, or Toronto. Does anyone have
> any leads?
> If not... can anyone recommend substitutes? The black transparencies
> made for silkscreen printing? I used transparencies made at a copy
> shop last time and it was no good... My film (the one with the car
> crash and wild animals in the cold cold winter) is done... but the
> credits are fucked and I need to reshoot... I really want to reshoot
> properly this time... just because re-neg-cutting and reprinting a 10
> minute 35mm film with sound is pricey... so I don't want to take any
> unnecessary risks or experiments this time.
> Thanks so much!
> Amanda Dawn Christie
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