[Frameworks] kodaliths in new york, toronto, or montreal?

From: Amanda Christie <amanda_at_amandadawnchristie.ca>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 11:15:05 -0300

Hello Frameworkers,

I'm still on the hunt for actual kodaliths... I'm sure someone must
still print them in New York, Montreal, or Toronto. Does anyone have
any leads?

If not... can anyone recommend substitutes? The black transparencies
made for silkscreen printing? I used transparencies made at a copy
shop last time and it was no good... My film (the one with the car
crash and wild animals in the cold cold winter) is done... but the
credits are fucked and I need to reshoot... I really want to reshoot
properly this time... just because re-neg-cutting and reprinting a 10
minute 35mm film with sound is pricey... so I don't want to take any
unnecessary risks or experiments this time.

Thanks so much!

Amanda Dawn Christie

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