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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 00:00:35 -0700

Film+Digital Media Archivist
Oddball Film+Video, a San Francisco based stock footage company is seeking a
part time analog and digital media archivist. Our company specializes in
providing offbeat and unusual footage for feature films, documentaries and
web related projects around the world. We have extensive 35mm, 16mm and
small gauge film, analog tape and digital media archives.
Responsibilities include:
ˇ Set up, configuration, operation and trouble shooting of 16mm film,
analog tape and digitally based editing systems

ˇ Transfer and migration of 16mm film and analog video to digital media

ˇ Logging of footage and metadata into databases

ˇ Research footage requests and deliver preview and master footage to
clients in a variety of analog and digital formats

ˇ Database maintenance and knowledge of digital back up systems

ˇ Working knowledge of all professional analog and digital media
including 16mm film, video tape recorders and digital media hardware

ˇ Proven experience with digital software tools such Final Cut Pro and

ˇ Working knowledge of archiving and database programs such as Filemaker

ˇ Knowledge of historical events and use of archival stock footage

ˇ Excellent analytical, organizational and writing skills

Wešre looking for a sharp, tech oriented archivist with a command of analog
and digital technologies interested in working with unique archival content
and creative projects.
How to Apply:
Please send a brief letter of inquiry and a resume focusing on your skills
and previous experience as related to the position to: info_at_oddballfilm.com.

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