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From: k. a.r. <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 22:10:46 -0800

wow. thanks for the info. it is both interesting and very odd.
are you comfortable with being streamed like that?
I don't know if I would like it.....

you know, because sometimes a lot of editing looks like you (as in the general 'you', not you personally) are doing nothing..... ;)

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> Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 21:16:09 -0400
> Subject: [Frameworks] online streaming of analogue editing....
> as a part of my residency at the atlantic filmmakers cooperative, i'm
> streaming a live video feed of my editing sessions.... editing 35mm on
> an italian intercine... it's kind of weird and boring to watch... but
> there you have it... analogue technology streamed via digital
> technology...
> i've been going like this all weekend and i should have mentioned
> earlier... i'll probably plug away for another hour or two if anyone
> is interested or disinterested.... then i won't be back at it again
> until next saturday.
> for the voyeurs out there looking for something boring to distract you
> from whatever else you really should be doing...
> amanda
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