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From: Amanda Christie <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 08:55:24 -0400

I avoided kickstarter because you only get the money if you meet your
fundraising goal.

i am currently using because with that site you get the
money immediately as people donate it... whether you reach your goal
or not. indiegogo also let's you add perks in exchange for donations.

they take 9% as the donations come in... BUT... if you reach your
fundraising goal, they give you back 5%.... so essentially if you meet
your fundraising goal they only keep 4%.... a nice incentive to reach
the goal... but you still get the money even if you don't reach it.

i am currently trying to raise$5000 to finish a film... at the
beginning it went great as there was a rush of small donations... $25
here $50 there etc... it jumped from $0 up to $645 is just about a
week.... and then stopped.... hopefully there will be another surge...
but it's tricky.... to find that balance between promoting the project
and idea and not wanting to harass or annoy people with fundraising

they recommend that you put up a video.... and with an unmade
experimental film, that can be tricky and i was promoting to a broad
audience not necessarily familiar with experimental film... so i made
a little trailer using images from my location scouting and text. i
have mixed feeling about it.

i would love some honest feedback if anyone has the time....

Amanda Dawn Christie
visit the profile for my latest film project in progress at:

On 24-Feb-11, at 12:35 AM, Dylan Gauthier wrote:

> Dear all:
> The only problem with Kickstarter I've found is the usury associated
> with it - can be as much as 10% on a project (5% goes to
> Kickstarter, 3-5% to Amazon Payments). Obviously, on another scale,
> fiscal sponsorships take a small amount but these are -- in theory
> -- skimmed out of an institutional funder's pocket. And even then,
> 10% would be steep: Fractured Atlas charges 6% for example, which I
> think includes credit card transactions. It always seemed strange
> asking friends or friends-of-friends to share 10% of their good-will
> gift with Amazon and Kickstarter. Fiscal sponsorship also comes
> with the incentive that the sponsor is lending you its 501c3
> status. Kickstarter grants are not tax-exempt, so if you pay taxes,
> you may pay more. You may still find it to be worth the 10% cut + xx
> % tax levy with the exposure Kickstarter gives you to a multitude of
> tiny pockets.
> But as long as we're talking about fundraising, has anyone found an
> alternative -- perhaps a Kickstarter with grassier roots? Can you
> think of any historical pre-Kickstarter (pre-internet) fundraising
> schemes that would have funded these same kinds of small projects
> back in the day?
> -D
> On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 10:45 PM, Chuck Kleinhans <
> > wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2011, at 6:19 PM, Shelly Silver wrote:
> > dear all:
> > slightly off topic, but what do people think of kickstart? i do
> know several people who have been able to get money that's really
> made the difference, and am thinking of doing it myself.
> >
> > my question - is it a kind of 'friend's tax'? (and if so, is a
> friend's tax ok?)
> >
> > best,
> > shelly
> I recently supported a kickstarter project by Vanessa Renwick which
> was successful. I have met her, but just briefly, at a film fest in
> Portland; but I have liked her films, and she has a nifty website
> and sense of humor. For my donation I could get one of her custom
> "Oregon Department of Kick Ass" T-shirts which I really wanted, at
> what was a kind of boutique price, but I also got to feel good about
> supporting an artist. Win-win. For a big donation she would cook
> dinner for you and some other folks.
> I think what made this work for me was:
> the project was very clear: to transfer some of her films to DVD,
> and just depended on getting the $
> I had seen some of the films and liked them
> I like her personality which comes through the films, talking to
> her, and the website
> she has a track record of completing things
> the "gift" was something I thought was neat and novel
> Maybe it's also a "Portlandia" kind of thing (for those of you who
> have followed the IFC cable series)
> Chuck Kleinhans
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