[Frameworks] All hail Bart Weiss

From: Bryan Konefsky (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 20 2011 - 20:44:59 PST

All hail Bart Weiss - Bart and his festival have been an
inspiration to me and my wee-festival for some time! And,
like Bart I also watch all submissions and do not have a
pre-screening committee. I don't know if this is good as
I no longer have a life... But, I like to watch.

Also, many of you probably are familiar with the Dekalog
series... See Dekalog 3: On Film Festivals - it's a great

I encourage all to make the pilgrimage to Dallas and
Bryan Konefsky
artistic director, Experiments in Cinema
president, Basement Films

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> well on one hand the current situation on festivals is
> that lots of people have very strong opinions about film
> There have been lots of really great points,
> Thanks to David for mentioning that yes indeed I do
>watch all the entries
> some 2 or 3 times. (why did I like or not like that)
> I just have been on too many preselection committees
>where people had no biz being there, I know if I had a
>preselection process i would take the work home anyway.
> I actually prefer to watch work on line
> it's a pain to check in and keep track of discs and
>they take up lots of space (but much less than the vhs or
>3/4 inch tapes of yesteryear)
> and I get lots of bad dvds which means I don;t get to
>see it until later.
> if the work is compressed well it can look great and on
>vimoe you can have a password protected files to download
> as for rejections there have been many times when a
>title is not right for me but I suggest it to other
> remember that all of us who run festivals do it because
>we love the work and want to bring it to as many people
>as possible.
> we are often stressed because we are underfunded and
>have high expectations.
> and by the way our festival will be in sept
> hope to see you all in dallas
> bart
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