[Frameworks] who knows what could happen?

From: Ekrem Serdar (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 17 2011 - 12:39:37 PST

> Now, when Dominic says a new structure needs to be put in place.. what if a
> "Frameworks" film festival or an exhibition network was organized? With all
> the venues and filmmakers in this list alone..who knows what could happen?

(via Isabel Fondevila from the festival mechanics thread)

When I hear a question like that I get excited. I like doing things.
Then I wonder what could be done.

 What can Frameworks do? (and by Frameworks, I mean *us*, not let's say
something, and have the admin do it, DUH.)

A Frameworks grant? Where members can vote on videos Kickstarter style and
contribute, ETC finishing funds style? Or perhaps, more charitably, an
emergency fund if someone is really sick and can't pay the medical bills?
Oh god no, money. That'd make everything horrible and unmanageable. Who'd
look after it? Taxes? Voting mechanics? Can you legally pay a person from
another country, etc? Tough feelings cause you're dealing with money and
might have to say no to somebody? (It's a tough job for people who do that,
respect!) And I like to believe that if someone actually came to the point
of having to write to a film listserv with their sickness and a paypal
account then we'd respond.

An online "festival"?
On which corporate tool of your whimsy? Youtube, Vimeo? Dailymotion? Are are
you going to make a website? Is someone / someplace going to offer their
website + time + resources? (Might be a nice line if you're writing a grant
for what you've been up to...)

A map for the (apparently ebbing :() flow of touring filmmakers? I heard
there used to be one (a physical map that is; is this true? I'd actually
like to see it if there's a scan.)
Well, Mike Plante already put up the Cinemad map
the accompanying
and Flicker and 16mm directory are quite lovely resources for friendly
places too.

"Better" communication between venues for people who are touring?
I presume this already happens informally.

Some kind of benevolent band of internet nerds, anonymous style, who help
out 501c3's to update their filmy websites, etc?
Man I don't know any programming.

A listserve where we can ask each other questions because we're in the
middle of nowhere and some kind mind might be able to answer us / argue with

So pretty much any idea I had is in a sense either a) presents too many
complications or b) is already being done in some fashion and would probably
love more people (aka Frameworkers) to participate. Which is great.

But I can't help but be curious...

-ekrem "got excited for the future, then realized that he's excited about
now" serdar
austin, tx

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