Re: [Frameworks] Current situation with Film Festivals (note to Tom Whiteside)

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Date: Wed Feb 16 2011 - 12:47:06 PST

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Tom Whiteside <email suppressed>wrote:

> I disagree with both of the statements below (excerpted from a longer
> post.) I am not saying this person is wrong, but there is certainly another
> point of view. In my experience film festivals are still a pretty good
> thing, and they are not “over.” In fact, Strange Beauty Film Festival starts
> Thursday in Durham at Manbites Dog Theater, and if you want to be there you
> have to be on time…… Oh sorry, I think it’s sold out, seems there are too
> many people who don’t agree that “the basic fundamentals of a time
> restricted festival (are) over.” Can you see some of this work online? No
> doubt. When you do that, will you miss the live music performances? Yep.
> Will you get to talk about the films over a beer with other folks who’ve
> also just seen it for the first time? Nope. One might dismiss such activity
> as “social engagement and networking,” but all of the arts activities I have
> been involved with over the years – symphony orchestras, rock bands, film
> making - have included some element of that. It’s not a bad thing.
> What’s next, the end of music? Come on folks, cultural institutions change,
> but they don’t disappear just because of new technology. I’ve watched “The
> Wizard of Oz” with my family at home on tv, it’s great; I’ve watched “The
> Wizard of Oz” with a full house at the Castro, it’s better.
> - Tom

Tom, thanks for your comments!

Question: where in Durham can one go besides the Nasher/Duke to see 16mm
projected? We'd like to add more venues in
Durham if they exist? Thanks.


> >No one goes to a fest (like Toronto or Sundance) to see films, its about
> social enagement, parties and networking.
> >Curration may create cohesion or thematic ideas in programming but the
> basic fundamentals of a time restricted festival (be here at this time to
> see these films in this >order) is over.
> >Long live cinema.
> >Yours
> >RSH
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