Re: [Frameworks] Current situation with Film Festivals

From: Chris Kennedy (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2011 - 10:56:52 PST

Before we get carried away, Deco's anecdote is describing neither Ann Arbor
or Images Festival. Those two festivals are still worth submitting to.

And, I would add, that I've been happily shown at a festival curated
entirely by undergrads... Milwaukee Underground.


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> I also identify with Dominic's sentiments. But also I'd have to say that,
> for me, festivals are good not only because they bring your work into the
> theater, but also because they give you access to the kind of audience that
> you want to bring your work to. Youtube is great, don't get me wrong, but it
> just kind of gets put out there in the muck with millions of other videos,
> most of which are of extremely low quality, so it's more difficult for your
> work to be seen in a sense. Half of the time I'll do a search for my film on
> youtube by title, and it won't even come up, just a bunch of other videos
> that relate to its keywords. Curation allows for a higher level of quality,
> and a program that is more focused in terms of theme. Also, I have submitted
> to both Images and Ann Arbor three or four times now, over the last ten
> years or so, and have never gotten anything in. It's gotten to a point of
> absurdity that I'm not going to bother doing it anymore. Maybe images, since
> it's free, but Ann Arbor at over $30 a pop? Sorry, not worth it. Especially
> if some 22 year old intern is previewing my film. If I pay, I expect a
> higher level of consideration than that. I'm going to focus on second tier
> and third tier fests from now on most likely. At least with them you get
> what you pay for.
> -charles
> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 9:47 AM, Seth Fragomen <email suppressed> wrote:
>> I agree with Dominic. I think we need community and micro cinemas more than
>> ever. It's more or less up to us.
>> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:30 PM, Bryan McKay <email suppressed>wrote:
>>> Because watching a film in the theatre still beats watching one on your
>>> computer screen? Because YouTube still can't manage to screen 35mm or 16mm?
>>> Because you want to support your local arts community? Because the sort of
>>> curation that goes on at festival screenings can elaborate heretofore unseen
>>> thematic or aesthetic links between disparate works? Because you might
>>> actually get a chance to meet and chat with the filmmaker whose work you've
>>> just enjoyed? Because having a shared experience in a dark room with a bunch
>>> of other people can be a profoundly moving experience?
>>> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Matt Helme <email suppressed>wrote:
>>>> When you can put your work on-line and have it seen worldwide, why bother
>>>> with festivals?
>>>> Matt
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>>>> I agree with Dominic,  I have heard horror stories about festivals
>>>> sending home 150 tapes each to 5 individual undergrads telling them to
>>>> choose 20 that ?he/she likes? no mention of the criteria of evaluation or
>>>> the fact that a single person?s judgment might throw off the whole process.
>>>>    I mean realistically how else are you going to get through 1000-2000
>>>> films right?
>>>> Deco
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