Re: [Frameworks] buildings for films

From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 14 2011 - 15:13:58 PST

There's a microcinema list somewhere, no? I can't remember where.
And is the "building" aspect most important to you. There are various
independent screening organizations that rent spaces and don't have their
own building.

Anyway, in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles Filmforum (although actually we don't have our own space, but
rent) -

Echo Park Film Center -

American Cinematheque -


Cinefamily -

The wulf (occasionally, more for music) -

The Downtown Independent -

Documental -

7 Dudley Cinema -

Cinespia -

UCLA Film & Television Archive -

Hammer Museum - (occasionally)

USC Cinematheque 108 - (occasional)

On 2/14/11 2:41 PM, "graeme hogg" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Can I ask the frameworks list which buildings or spaces they know of or
> about which have been constructed or adapted with the principle function
> of screening films outside of the co-orporate (theatrically released) film
> system.
> In this category I might strictly include 'Cinematheques' only inasmuch as
> 'Art House' does entail industrial distribtion.
> However cinematheques with a high proportion of avant-garde, experimental,
> artists work, etc are of interest to me.
> I know there are some obvious ones (Anthology Film Archives) but do please
> respond without prejudice or assumption.
> Many thanks.

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